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  1. Enjoy the View
    Enjoy the View
    Transparent eco-friendly blinds that allows full visibility of outside and natural light penetration plus UV protection
  2. Maximize Comfort
    Maximize Comfort
    Regulate and control the temperature in your surroundings using easy to maintain solar window blinds
  3. Protect Your Treasures
    Protect Your Treasures
    Damage from harmful UV rays impacts the contents of your home or establishment, not just your skin. Solar window blinds offer protection
  4. Save on Heating & Cooling Costs
    Save on Heating & Cooling Costs
    Less wear and tear on your HVAC system means less maintenance, lower heating and cooling costs and more money in your pocket

PlanIt Solar Blinds​

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  2. We Install
  3. We Maintain
PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™

Solar Window Blinds 

For small and micro businesseshigh heating and cooling costs can really eat into profits. However, when you're constantly adjusting the room temperature, your equipment has to work harder which means more wear and tear and fluctuating temperatures mean highter costs. Temperature discomfort also has a negative effect on productivity. The alternative is to install blinds that not only regualte the room temperature in hot and cold weather, but they also extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Industries also have valuable products that are easily damaged by UV rays. This affects fixtures in homes with south-facing windows, SE or SW sunlight. Southern exposure often causes overheating or drafts depending on the season making the room uncomfortable. Regular blinds block the sun, but they also blaock the view.
PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ are the only product available on the market today that sustains a comfortable room temperature throughout the year, allowing natural light in while blocking out solar heat and harmful UV rays. Because the blinds create a see through thermal barrier, they regulate room temperature by providing heat in the colder months and block heat in the warmer months, cutting heating and cooling cost up to 40%!
But that's not all they do. This innovative design also acts like a two-way mirror allowing visibility out during the day, but privacy from outside. At night, the opposite effect occurs when the room is lit, allowing visibility to inside so occupants and contents are fully visible. A bonus for businesses needing privacy and security.
Put an end to high utility costs and lower productivity with the help of PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™.
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UV Blocked








Cost Saving Features
  1. Eco-friendly
    Made with eco-friendly, food grade PVC material
  2. Lower Energy Costs
    Save up to 40% on current heating and cooling costs
  3. Reduce Wear & Tear
    Reduce wear and tear on HVAC system
  4. Stop Drafts
    Creates a thermal barrier to stop drafts and cold air from coming in
  5. Reflects Solar Energy
    Reflects back 65% of solar energy from window
  6. Long Life
    Outlasts comparable blinds
  7. Protects Valuables
    Protects furniture, fabrics, flooring and fine art from UV damage
  8. Privacy & Security
    One-way visibility to outside in the day and visibility to inside at night

Increase Productivity

Employees working in natural light recorded higher levels of energy and productivity than those working under artificial light.
Office Space
Reduce operating costs, increase productivity and comfort, reduce absenteeism
Medical & Dental Offices
Enjoy natural light plus benefit of one way visibility. Privacy from outside during the day and full visibility of inside during the night
Skylights & Sunrooms
Fitted Panels reduce glare and intense heat while allowing natural light
Protect Precious Goods
Protect precious items from fading and exposure to damaging UV rays.
Establishments that Use Our Solar Blind Product:
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
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three easy to install styles​

  1. Verticals
  2. Roller Blinds
    Roller Blinds
  3. Magnetic Panels
    Magnetic Panels
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We are looking for dealers, installers and contractors interested in adding PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ to their products and services.
If you are looking to diversify the product offerings in your already successful business, give PlanIt! Solar Blinds may be just what you're looking for! This is a fantastic opportunity to get in at the ground floor of this bursting industry.

As a vendor, you will enjoy and generous return on investment, materials and support and regualar word of mouth referrals.

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  1. Roller Blinds in Living Room
    Roller Blinds in Living Room
  2. Reflective Security
    Reflective Security
  3. Vertical Blinds
    Vertical Blinds
  4. Skylight
  5. Regular Door
    Regular Door
  6. Picture Windows
    Picture Windows

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